Tenant's Guide and Fees

Tenant's Guides & Fees for Properties

Here is a quick guide through the rental process
Once you have found and viewed a property that you like and your offer has been accepted, we will need to undertake references. You must tell us anything that may affect the landlord’s decision to rent to you. The property will be taken as seen and if you have any queries about any works that you feel need to be done, you must talk to us about these when you put forward your offer.

If you have any special conditions for example; you would like to repaint the master bedroom blue, you must ask at the point of offer, as if this is agreed, we will need to add this to the tenancy agreement as a specially negotiated clause.

Once your offer has been accepted by the landlord we will email you confirmation of the terms, the next steps and tenancy agreement, along with details of the holding fee and how to pay it.

Bear in mind, if you are renting a property in England, we will have to do the Right to Rent checks. We advise that when you are viewing properties that you bring your passport, proof of address and if you have a visa, bring that too. This way it avoids having to make a further journey to our office when your offer is accepted.

We will take the property off the market once we have received the holding fee from you; subject to references and Landlords approval the tenancy agreement must be signed within 15 days of the holding fee being received. We highly recommend that you speak to your employer and previous or current Landlord to let them know they will be contacted by the referencing company, as this really helps speed the process up.

How are payments calculated?
The holding fee is the equivalent of one weeks rental and calculated as the monthly rental x 12 / 52
The five week deposit is calculated as monthly rental x 12 / 52 x 5

What else will I have to pay?
You are responsible for the utilities, telecoms and Council Tax unless otherwise stated.

A list of further fees and charges if you are renting a property in Wales can be found here. If you are renting in England our fees can be found here.

I can’t find a suitable property for me on the website, what should I do?
Please contact us, as our listings change daily and we really wouldn’t want you to miss out on your ideal home. Either call or email us and we can add you to our register and talk about the kind of property you are looking for.

I need to rent out my current home before I can move, can you help me?
Do get in touch with us; many of our Tenants have become Landlords and vice versa; whatever your circumstances, we will be very happy to have a chat with you and see how we can help.

Lettings Team